At Liyah’s Luxuries, we specialize in Louis Vuitton Authentication. Accuracy Guaranteed or Your Money Back.


Verbal Authentication

Our most popular service for resellers and collectors alike. A “verbal” authentication is a simple written statement to verify the authenticity of your chosen item. $10 USD

Liyah's Luxuries Louis Vuitton Verbal Authentication Example
Verbal Authentication

Item Identification

Can’t figure out the name of your Louis Vuitton item? Send us a few photos and we’ll tell you the model name and size if applicable. $5 USD

Letter of Authenticity

We create formal letters to prove authenticity for your chosen item(s). Our letters can be used for many purposes such as reselling Louis Vuitton or obtaining refunds. $15 USD

Liyah's Luxuries Louis Vuitton Letter of Authenticity Example
Letter of Authenticity


Make sure you’re not spending too much money on a Louis Vuitton item or undervaluing a bag you intend to sell by purchasing our appraisal service. $5 USD


10/10 recommend Liyah’s Luxuries for authentication!! So quick and she’s so sweet! Check her out!


Aaliyah is passionate and great at what she does. She is thorough and quick. I would recommend her authentication services!


Louis Vuitton Authentication Made Easy.

To get started, please forward photos of your item(s) including the made in stamp and date code to our Facebook page, email, or Instagram. Expect a reply within 20 minutes during business hours. We authenticate Louis Vuitton handbags, wallets, charms, luggage, bandeaus and more. Please send the service fee in US Dollars. We use PayPal and Venmo to receive payments. Have a question? Send us a message using the contact box below.

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