Louis Vuitton Item ID / Appraisal

Add a service on to your authentication to buy and sell LV easier!

Know if you’re spending too much or selling your item for less than it’s worth by purchasing a Louis Vuitton Appraisal. Unsure of the name and size of a Louis Vuitton bag, wallet, etc.? Buying an Item ID will allow us to help you with that as well. With our services, you’ll be a well informed Louis Vuitton collector or reseller.

Louis Vuitton Item Identification

Send us a few photos and we’ll tell you the model name and size of your Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Appraisal

Get an expert opinion on the value of your Louis Vuitton. We determine the value based on the demand and condition of your Louis Vuitton.

See how we authenticate your Louis Vuitton and examine the smallest details in our blog post!