Louis Vuitton DK Date Code

What do you know about the DK factory code? Scroll down to take a closer look at the Neverfull Pochette example. You may not see it often so here’s some key points to remember! πŸ—οΈ”DK” is often used for items that have been repaired by LV πŸ—οΈ”DK” can appear in almost any LV item πŸ—οΈTheContinue reading “Louis Vuitton DK Date Code”

Louis Vuitton No Date Code

Do you have a newer Louis Vuitton item with no date code inside? There is a reason why! Louis Vuitton has stopped placing date codes in products made after March 2021. They have implemented a microchip system to be used in place of the date code. Only Louis Vuitton stores can access the information onContinue reading “Louis Vuitton No Date Code”

My Go-to Bag: Damier Ebene Pochette Accessoires

I bought this bag years ago pre-owned before it became super popular. It has since been discontinued in this print. The seller sold it to me without the strap so I got it for a super low price. Honestly I don’t miss the original strap because I prefer crossbody straps. I found a generic strapContinue reading “My Go-to Bag: Damier Ebene Pochette Accessoires”

Louis Vuitton Slim Purse / Slim Wallet

This upcoming release is absolutely stunning! Called the slim purse, it will come in Monogram and Reverse Monogram. Rumored price point is $510. It has 6 card slots and a large Zipper Pocket. The size is similar to a felicie insert. What are your thoughts on this piece? Yay or nay? Liyah’s Luxuries is anContinue reading “Louis Vuitton Slim Purse / Slim Wallet”

Fake Vs Real Louis Vuitton Boite Chapeau Souple

The Louis Vuitton Chapeau Souple is the smaller version of the Boite Chapeaux 50. These bags are extremely popular with its unique design, especially after being released in reverse monogram. In this post, I’ll be showing you some photos of a Boite Chapeau I determined to be fake. Spotting these fakes saves my clients hundredsContinue reading “Fake Vs Real Louis Vuitton Boite Chapeau Souple”

Louis Vuitton Kirigami: A Versatile Card Holder

My most used SLG 😍 I bought the small kirigami pre-owned for a great price on eBay. I contemplated buying the full set but couldn’t figure out how I would use them all. When I first bought this piece I noticed it had excess glazing. I was able to remove most of it however. WatchContinue reading “Louis Vuitton Kirigami: A Versatile Card Holder”