Louis Vuitton DK Date Code

What do you know about the DK factory code? Scroll down to take a closer look at the Neverfull Pochette example. You may not see it often so here’s some key points to remember! 🗝️”DK” is often used for items that have been repaired by LV 🗝️”DK” can appear in almost any LV item 🗝️TheContinue reading “Louis Vuitton DK Date Code”

Louis Vuitton No Date Code

Do you have a newer Louis Vuitton item with no date code inside? There is a reason why! Louis Vuitton has stopped placing date codes in products made after March 2021. They have implemented a microchip system to be used in place of the date code. Only Louis Vuitton stores can access the information onContinue reading “Louis Vuitton No Date Code”


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Liyah, the founder of Liyah's Luxuries Louis Vuitton Authentication Service
Liyah, the founder of Liyah’s Luxuries

From LV Reseller to LV Authenticator

Hello LV Enthusiasts! My name is Liyah and I am the founder of Liyah’s Luxuries. Liyah’s Luxuries is an authentication service specializing in Louis Vuitton. Liyah’s Luxuries was created after honing my craft in the art of authentication. In my blog I impart some of my knowledge and wisdom to people who wish to learn more about this iconic brand. When you’re shopping for pre-owned LV, send us a message for peace of mind!

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