How To Remove Scuff Marks from Louis Vuitton Bags

Did you scrape your Louis Vuitton bag against a white wall or something else? It’s not the end of the world! Here’s how to remove white scuff marks from your Louis Vuitton bag.

All you need is a baby wipe that is alcohol and fragrance free.

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How do I get scuff marks off my purse?

Louis Vuitton White Scuff Mark

The baby wipe method works on Louis Vuitton canvas or vinyl bags. This method has not been tested on vachetta and other leathers. To remove white scuff marks, rub the baby wipe over the affected area with pressure. Rub in different directions to make the scuff mark disappear!

What baby wipes should I use to remove white scuff marks from a Louis Vuitton bag?

I highly recommend using Equate baby wipes or Water Wipes as they will not damage or fade Louis Vuitton canvas (which includes Monogram, Damier Ebene and Damier Azur).

Can you use magic eraser on Louis Vuitton canvas?

Do NOT use magic eraser on your Louis Vuitton canvas bag. Magic eraser can remove the surface texture of the bag! I admit, I’ve used a magic eraser before I learned a better way. There were no adverse affects on my Louis Vuitton bag, but a baby wipe is guaranteed to be gentle and not cause damage.

Where can I get a Louis Vuitton authentication?

We can help you! We’ll authenticate your Louis Vuitton bag and tell you if it is real or fake in 15 minutes or less. Liyah’s Luxuries is a Louis Vuitton Authentication service that helps Louis Vuitton lovers worldwide. All we need are a few photos from you. Tap the button below to get started! Use code “NEW20” at checkout to get 20% off your first Louis Vuitton Authentication.

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