Is Louis Vuitton Jewelry Worth It?

What comes to mind when you think of Louis Vuitton? Probably handbags first, then smaller things like wallets and belts.

Like all the other fine goods Louis Vuitton produces, they have made a splash with their jewelry. While it is pretty, you’ll need to know what your investing in.

Why is Louis Vuitton Jewelry Is Expensive?

Let’s be honest, you’re paying for the name, not the quality or design. Their lower end items are only plated instead of being solid gold, platinum, etc.

Does Louis Vuitton Jewelry Tarnish?

Monogram Chain Bracelet M00309
Photo credit: Louis Vuitton

Take a look at the monogram chain bracelet above. The description for this $600 bracelet said its a “silver-color” with no mention of its exact metal. In short, it’s a cheap metal that will most likely tarnish over time.

For $600, most people expect at least solid sterling silver but with Louis Vuitton, you’re essentially paying top dollar for costume jewelry.



Photo credit: Louis Vuitton

In contrast, the LV volt bracelet priced at a whopping $15,400 is made with real gold and diamonds.

Should I buy Louis Vuitton Jewelry?

If Louis Vuitton is your favorite luxury brand, then buying their jewelry will happen sooner or later. I recommend buying their cheaper pieces such as their canvas bracelets and get fine jewelry elsewhere.

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