Is Louis Vuitton Jewelry Worth It?

Like all the other fine goods Louis Vuitton produces, their jewelry has made a splash with collectors. What comes to mind when you think of LV? Probably handbags first, then smaller things like wallets and belts.

LV has been creating many designs to please their clientele. Their jewelry starts at around $200. While their pieces are pretty, you need to know what your investing in.

Does LV Jewelry Hold Value?

Their lower end items have hardware that is coated with gold or silver coloring and made of mixed metals. Their high end jewelry on the other hand is made of gold, silver, platinum or diamonds which can cost upwards into the thousands. The costume jewelry does not hold value but their more expensive pieces do.

How Can You Tell If Louis Vuitton Jewelry Is Real?

Each LV item we inspect receives a thorough inspection to ensure accuracy. There are several factors that go into authenticating LV jewelry. Liyah’s Luxuries evaluates its design, hardware, material, made in stamp and / or date code. Need help with your jewelry now? Buy a Louis Vuitton Authentication.

Does LV Jewelry Tarnish?

Take a look at the monogram chain bracelet.

Monogram Chain Bracelet M00309
Photo credit: Louis Vuitton

The description for this $600 bracelet says it is a “silver-color” with no mention of its exact metal. In short, it’s plated and will most likely tarnish over time.

For $600, most people expect at least solid sterling silver but with Louis Vuitton, you’re essentially paying top dollar for costume jewelry.


Photo credit: Louis Vuitton

In contrast, the LV volt bracelet priced at a whopping $15,400 is made with real gold and diamonds. See what other LV fans have to say about their jewelry.

Liyah’s Luxuries Louis Vuitton Authentication Service

Did this help you make up your mind on LV jewelry? Ready to make a purchase? Let us make it easier!

Find the pre-owned LV jewelry you love, send us photos or a link and we’ll make sure its the real deal! Buy a Louis Vuitton Authentication and add on an appraisal so you know exactly what it’s worth.

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