Does Louis Vuitton Authenticate For Free?

Whether you have a new Louis Vuitton item gifted to you or purchase one pre-owned, you want to make sure that the item is authentic.

So why not bring it into Louis Vuitton and see what they have to say? This will prove to be a tough task.

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Why it’s hard for Louis Vuitton to Authenticate

I’ve seen several people say over the past few years that Louis Vuitton employees authenticated their items.

Louis Vuitton does not train their employees to authenticate. The majority of employees are educated on current models and collections, but that’s only for sales purposes.

The people who have reported Louis Vuitton has authenticated their items have NEVER been able to provide proof.

How to get Louis Vuitton to authenticate for Free

There’s always a loop hole or exception to the rule so if you’re dead set on Louis Vuitton authenticating your item, there is a way to do it.

The Problem With Sending Your Item To Louis Vuitton

You have to visit a Louis Vuitton store and request a repair or replacement of hardware, leather, etc.

If the item is a bad fake, it will be returned to you and they will decline to fix it. If it is authentic or a “super fake”, they will fix it without an issue.

Louis Vuitton Box

Let’s say your item passes their inspection. You’ve now shelled out at least $100 or more for a repair or replacement you didn’t need. You’ve also waited weeks to months to get the item back. Lastly, they WILL NOT provide proof that they authenticated it.

There have been accusations of Louis Vuitton fixing “super fakes” in the past so this is a hassle for something that is hit and miss.

Getting a Louis Vuitton item repaired is not the easiest or cost effective method to have a bag authenticated.

Liyah’s Luxuries

How To Get Your Louis Vuitton Authenticated

The best way to get your bag authenticated is to contact a professional who studies Louis Vuitton.

Liyah’s Luxuries Louis Vuitton Authentication Service

At Liyah’s Luxuries, our Louis Vuitton Authentication Service is backed by a money back guarantee.

For a small fee, we provide you with peace of mind and the information you need. Contact us today!

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