3 Tips About The Louis Vuitton Authentication Code You Can’t Afford To Miss!

Have you tried looking for a Louis Vuitton Authentication Code with no luck? There’s a reason why.

How to get Louis Vuitton Authentication Code

First, you’ll need to figure out the name of your item. Once you get that piece of information, you can search listings to find out where it is.

Another popular term for authentication codes are date codes. Date codes tell you where and when an item was made. Date codes are usually hidden in spots that can be overlooked.

Louis Vuitton Authentication Code

Take a look at the examples above. These date codes are located in handbags. Some of the date codes are printed on tabs or directly on the interior fabric. Most of them will be placed inside a pocket or under one!

Until early 2021, Louis Vuitton relied on date codes. Since the date codes introduction in 1982, date codes have been placed in nearly every item!

Keep in mind as items age, date codes can fade over time, making it even harder to spot them.

The date code is only one part of authenticating a Louis Vuitton item.

Let’s sum it all up!

1) Date codes can be found on many LV products made from 1982 to 2021.

2) Date codes tell you when an item was made.

3) Seeing a date code does not mean it’s authentic.

We know it can be hard to know exactly where to start with a Louis Vuitton item you don’t know much about but we can make it easy for you!

Liyah’s Luxuries Louis Vuitton Authentication Service

At Liyah’s Luxuries we offer a comprehensive review of your Louis Vuitton items with our Louis Vuitton Authentication Service.

For a small fee, we can provide you with peace of mind and the information you need. Accuracy guaranteed or your money back. Contact us today!

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