Do 2021 Louis Vuitton Bags Have Date Codes?

Newer Louis Vuitton bags don’t have date codes. Here’s a few reasons why!

Louis Vuitton stopped putting date codes in bags made after March 2021 because they use microchips. So, the microchip system takes the place of the date code. Small leather goods such as wallets and charms still have date codes.

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Only Louis Vuitton stores can read the information on the microchips.

Louis Vuitton uses microchips to deter counterfeiters, reduce the amount of Louis Vuitton up for resale, and to track their products better.

Do All Louis Vuitton Have Date Codes?

Louis Vuitton Tournelle PM Date Code

Prior to March 2021, all Louis Vuitton products have a date code and made in stamp. If your Louis Vuitton item doesn’t have one or the other, there’s a few reasons why. Date codes can fade when printed on certain materials. People remove date codes by accident or on purpose.

Check out the Purseforum where people discuss date codes at length.

Do All Louis Vuitton Bags Have A Stamp?

Louis Vuitton Tournelle Made in Stamp

All Louis Vuitton bags have a stamp. A made in stamp shows where a bag is made. If the made in stamp says, “Louis Vuitton Paris,” then it is made in USA. Other countries will be mentioned on the stamp.

How Do I Know My Louis Vuitton is Authentic?

The date code is only one aspect in determining if a Louis Vuitton bag is real. Fake LV items have date codes too. There is so much more that goes into authenticating Louis Vuitton.

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