Louis Vuitton No Date Code

Do you have a newer Louis Vuitton item with no date code inside? There is a reason why!

Close up of Tournelle PM handle base

Louis Vuitton has stopped placing date codes in products made after March 2021. They have implemented a microchip system to be used in place of the date code.

Only Louis Vuitton stores can access the information on the microchips.

What does that mean for resellers and buyers?

Liyah’s Luxuries is able to authenticate these items if you are willing to take / get quality photos of the bag, made in stamp and other smaller details. We also may request proof that it was purchased after March 2021.

If you have an older item with no date code, there can be several reasons why it doesn’t have a date code. It could have faded away over time or removed from the item. In that case, we HIGHLY recommend you getting an authentication to sell the item easier or for your own peace of mind.

As always if you have any questions, please contact us!

Liyah’s Luxuries ensures you buy authentic LV every time you shop or your money back.

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