Louis Vuitton NeoNoe SP0157 Inspection

This NeoNoe required close inspection. Some bags we receive for authentication at Liyah’s Luxuries don’t strike as immediately authentic or fake. That’s when our spidey senses start tingling.

Strap clasps

Angles and lighting can affect our decision so it’s very important for us to take our time and review every aspect of the bag.

Rivets on strap

Up close photos of hardware can “tell” us what we need to know about a bag. Does this bag typically have this hardware? Is it positioned correctly? Is anything misspelled? These are all things we review carefully.

Made in stamp

While the made in stamp isn’t the only thing we inspect on a bag, it’s a telling feature on it. Is it positioned correctly? Does the made in stamp correlate with the date code? And so much more.

Zipper pull

After inspecting the bag and still not feeling right about its authenticity, this zipper pill sealed the deal on our decision. That is not the proper zipper pull for this bag!

Authentic zipper pull for NeoNoe

This design of zipper pull should be on the bag! Not only that but the “LV emblem” isn’t correct as well. So the first zipper pull is no good!

The last piece of the puzzle was the date code. Compared to other bags made during this time, the date code font seemed a bit off and the placement of it is further down on the tab. Placements of date codes should not vary in the same size and models of bags made in the same factory. But given the angle and lighting, this bag can easily pass as authentic to others.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, Liyah’s Luxuries has determined this bag to be fake. We find the photos were helpful enough for us to make an calculated judgment.

When you need assistance with pre-owned LV, contact Liyah’s Luxuries for authentication. Our services are backed by a money back guarantee. Accuracy guaranteed or your money back.

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