Louis Vuitton NeoNoe Fake Vs Real

Do you know the difference between a fake and real Louis Vuitton NeoNoe? As replica makers get better at their jobs, fakes are harder to spot. The NeoNoe is a very popular bag that is highly replicated.

This post includes close up photos and explanations by Liyah’s Luxuries who is an expert Louis Vuitton Authenticator.

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Louis Vuitton NeoNoe Authentication SP0157

Left: Fake NeoNoe clasps | Right: Authentic NeoNoe clasps

Do you see the slight differences between the hardware shape and etchings? That’s because it’s one aspect replica makers can’t get perfect….yet.

Louis Vuitton NeoNoe Rivets on strap

Next, we’re looking at the shoulder strap. Notice how the rivets are off center on the left side of the strap? There’s also a rivet missing on the right side of the strap. Both of these issues are not normal and indicates this a poorly made strap.

Top: Real NeoNoe Made in Stamp | Bottom: Fake NeoNoe Made in Stamp

While the made in stamp isn’t the only thing we inspect on a bag, it’s a telling feature on it. Is it positioned correctly? Does the made in stamp correlate with the date code? And so much more.

Although Louis Vuitton has made changes like removing date codes and made in USA bags no longer have the “imported materials” tag, the made in stamp is still an important aspect to authenticating a Louis Vuitton bag. Note the difference in font on the made in stamp and and they’re imprinted.

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Left: Real NeoNoe Zipper Pull | Right: Fake NeoNoe Zipper Pull

The most noticeable part of the fake NeoNoe is the zipper pull! It looks nothing like an authentic Louis Vuitton hardware and doesn’t try to copy it.

Louis Vuitton NeoNoe Date Code SP0157

Lastly, here is the date code for the fake NeoNoe. Compared to other bags made during this time, the date code font is incorrect and the placement of it is further down on the tab.

It is always a red flag when you cannot find a comparable bag on google. But given the angle and lighting, this bag can easily pass as authentic to others.

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