My Go-to Bag: Damier Ebene Pochette Accessoires

I bought this bag years ago pre-owned before it became super popular. It has since been discontinued in this print. The seller sold it to me without the strap so I got it for a super low price. Honestly I don’t miss the original strap because I prefer crossbody straps. I found a generic strap for under $20 and it’s been my go to ever since! As an authenticator, my collection is a mix of pre-owned and store bought LV.

I will note however that one of the D Rings is quite worn. After studying pochettes, this is typical of pochettes in any size. The canvas seems to crack around the D Ring so I’ve assumed it’s a design flaw.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed the pochette accessories thoroughly and I won’t give it up until it breaks. If you can find one for a reasonable price, I suggest adding it to your collection! If you need assistance with authenticating a pre-owned piece, message me.

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